Mrs. H.M.P.K. Herath



Co-operative Employee Commission is an empowered Institution for the submission of Legal Procedures or cases related on legal basis and to make explanations for cases & other legal procedures mentioned in the Statute. Through this Institution following services will be done. Such as to recruit all employees of Co-operatives & preparation of Work procedures included Principles and Service Conditions related to promotions, to hold exams for recruitment of employees whenever necessary, to specify exam fees, to create Boards for Exams, to specify qualifications to appoint for any post. And also, .........

To specify salary scales related to any post on any class or grade, to revise those specified salary scales at time to time.

To make orders to Co-operative Societies to make payment of Salaries with accordance to the Salary Scales specified by the Commission.

To examine the appeals related to the disciplinary orders taken by any Society.

After conducting inquiries to appoint an Inquiring Officer or Boards for make recommendations of those appeals.

When cancellation of the service of an employee if necessary, to decide about the policies related to contribution of gratuity or any other beneficiaries for employees.


  • Hon.Provincial Minister -  Hon. Gunadasa Dehigama
  • Mr.Pradeep Tilakaratne -  Secretary
  • Mrs. A.H.M.S Aberathne – Administrative Officer

Office Staff

  • Main Management Assistant
  • Management Assistant - 03
  • Development Officer - 04
  • Driver - 01
  • Office assistance - 02