Mrs. H.M.P.K. Herath





  • To specify the Work Procedure included Principles and Conditions related to recruitment and Promotions of all employees to the Co-operative Societies.

  • If necessary to conduct relevant exams on recruitment of Co-operative employees and to specify fees for those exams.

  • To specify relevant qualifications for the recruitment of any post of a Co-operative Society, to create specified salary scales for any post or posts based on any class or grade, to revise such salary scales on time to time, and also to decide after consulting the Commissioner about these matters.

  • To order Co-operative Societies to pay salaries according to the salary scales specified by the Commission.

  • To determine the Work Procedure to be followed by the Co-operative Societies when taking disciplinary actions against the employees attached to those societies, empowering the Powers to conduct them and to inform the Societies to conduct disciplinary actions within the stipulated period.

  • To examine the appeals arrived after disciplinary orders given by any Co-operative Society.

  • To specify the documents to be kept by the Co-operative Societies regarding their employees.

  • To order by the Commission to any Co-operative Society to submit relevant reports, any other documents and necessary files related to any employee.

  • To name an Appeal Inquiring Officer or Board of Officers to  submit reports related to the  appeals by the Commission.

  • An occasion  of  an employee given disciplinary orders by a Co-operative Society existing disciplinary actions could be made an appeal against this Society  to the Commission and such an occasion the decision given by the Commission could be loosen, cancel or to take another decision on behalf of that or to make an order to keep an inquiry again and re-employment of this employee through the orders given by the Commission with accordance  to the method and a date and if not  to implement prior to the activating date.

  • If necessary, to decide about the Policies related to contribution of gratuity and other beneficiaries for employees on the termination of the service of an employee due to a disciplinary action or on an any other matter.

  • To decide to order the appellant to deposit an amount according to the regulations made by Hon. Minister and to repay or to retain it after the examination of appeal.